- Go Green Since 1985 -

From “Montreal Protocol” to “Tokyo Protocol”, is on the same pace with global green action and ahead of the enterprises in Taiwan. supports the awareness and action of global ozone layer protection actively, determinedly, and professionally.

 is not only the pioneer of refrigerant recovery, it was the leading company in Taiwan more than 20 years ago.

- Advantages -
Our advantage is our promise to be “clean”:
1. The Intact and professional development team is able to study and develop new machines that could meet client’s requirement, regardless of big or small products.
2. Excellent and faultless technical support team provides training of machine operation and maintenance service of the machine. We provide life-time service for every sale so as to avoid your facilities becoming unattended.
3. All refrigerant recovery facilities are designed and manufactured in Taiwan, every component and progress are strictly monitored and controlled. only provides the best for customers.
4. Abundant manufacturing, exporting, and exhibition experience allows us to provide accurate and effective design and service. assures you – all kinds of refrigerant gases could be recovered and reclaimed. Regardless of refrigerant recycling, deodorization, distillation; reclamation and purification of Halon; recovery, reclamation, and purification of SF6, or facilities for recovering refrigerant of used electronics, can cooperate with you.
- Sustainable development faith: Clean and Eternal -

“Clean” is the ultimate goal of our corporate action, time is eternal. Earth is our one and only home, everyone and every enterprise must guard its safety. Sustainable development of enterprise and sustainable protection of the environment is equally important to us. invites you to join the group of green enterprise with us, so we can create a bigger green business opportunity.

Please allow to take care of your refrigerant recovery, provides the trust and quality that you need.

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